List of Works Chamber Music by
Harvey Sollberger

Duo for Flute and Piano, 1961, 13 min., ACA (American Composers Alliance).

Five Songs to Texts of Juan Ramon Jimenez (voice, flute, violin, viola, piano), 10 min., 1961, ACA.

Composition for Viola and Piano, 1962, 9 min., ACA.

Compositions for Flute, Cello and Piano, 1962, 5 min., ACA.

Grand Quartet for Flutes, 1962, 9 min., M&M (McGinnis and Marx).

Two Pieces for Two Flutes, 1958, 1962, 8 min., M&M.

Solos for Violin and Five Instruments (solo violin, flute, clarinet, horn, contrabass, piano), 1962, 14 min., ACA.

Two Oboes Troping, 1963, 1964, 8 min., M&M.

In Nomine: transcription of a John Bull keyboard work for oboe, oboe d'amore, violin, cello, harp and piano, 6 min., 1964, ACA.

Music for Sophocles Antigone for Speaker or Speaking Chorus and Electronic Sounds, 1967, 12 min., ACA.

To the Hawks for soprano and piano (text by Donald Justice), 1969, 5 min., ACA.

Divertimento for Flute, Cello and Piano, 1970, 12 min., ACA.

Elegy for Igor Stravinsky for flute, cello and piano, 1971, 4 min., published in Perspectives of New Music, vol. 9, no. 2, p. 175.

Iron Mountain Song for Trumpet and Piano, 1971, 9 min., ACA.

As Things Are and Become for String Trio, 1972, 14 min., ACA.

The Two and the One for Cello and Two Percussionists, 1972, 10 min., ACA.

Sunflowers for flutist (flute, alto flute and piccolo) and vibraphonist, 1976, 7 min., M&M.

met him pike hoses for flute and violin, 1979, 8 min., C.F. Peters.

The Busy Bee for flute and violin, 1980, 6 min., ACA.

Angel and Stone for flute and piano, 1981, 16 min., C.F. Peters.

Life Study for soprano, flute (doubling alto flute and piccolo) and harp, 1982, 17 min., ACA.

The Humble Heart for woodwind quintet, 1982, 10 min., ACA.

Interrupted Night for flute, clarinet, violin, cello, piano, 1983, 9 min., ACA.

Double Triptych for flute and percussion (one player), 1984, 13 min., C.F. Peters.

Taking Measures for violin and piano, 1987, 10 min., M&M.

Aurelian Echoes for flute and alto flute, 1989, 14 min., ACA.

Trio (. . . from winter's frozen stillness) for violin, cello and piano, 1990, 14 min., ACA.

Trickster Tales, theater piece for acting clarinettist, flute and piano, 1995, 10 min., ACA.

To the Spirit Unappeased and Peregrine for flute/piccolo and clarinet/bass clarinet, 1998, 9 min., ACA.

Five Songs Without Words: transcriptions of Medieval contrapuntal music for flute, alto flute, violin, cello and vibraphone, 2004, 12 min., ACA.

Spillville for flute, guitar and viola, 2006, 26 min., ACA.

Nemesis for clarinet and piano, 2007, 26 min., ACA.

Gazzedolphylloni for flute and guitar, 2008, 7 min., ACA.

Untitled for two alto flutes, 2009, 5 min., ACA.

Reunion for clarinet, 1 percussionist and piano, 2010, 11 min., ACA.

Perhaps Gilead for flute (doubling alto flute and piccolo), guitar and string quartet, 2010, 33 min., ACA.

Where the Iowa River Flows for cello and contrabass, 2013, 5 min., ACA.