Chronological List of Works by
Harvey Sollberger

Duo for Flute and Piano, 1961, 13 min., ACA (American Composers Alliance).

Compositions for Flute, Cello and Piano, 1962, 5 min., ACA.

Grand Quartet for Flutes, 1962, 9 min., M&M (McGinnis and Marx).

Two Pieces for Two Flutes, 1958, 1962, 8 min., M&M.

Music for Flute and Piano, 1964, 9 min., ACA.

Cadenzas for Mozart's Flute Concerto in G-Major, K. 313, 1968, 5 min., ACA.

Divertimento for Flute, Cello and Piano, 1970, 12 min., ACA.

Elegy for Igor Stravinsky for flute, cello and piano, 1971, 4 min., published in Perspectives of New Music, vol. 9, no. 2, p. 175.

Riding the Wind II, III, IV for Solo Flute, 1973, 1974, 17 min., ACA.

Riding the Wind I for Flute Solo and Four Instruments (clarinet, violin, cello, piano), 17 min., 1974.

Sunflowers for flutist (flute, alto flute and piccolo) and vibraphonist, 1976, 7 min., M&M.

Flutes and Drums for 8 flutes, 8 percussionists and 4 contrabasses, 1977, 15 min., ACA.

Hara for solo alto flute, 1978, 9 min., C.F. Peters.

met him pike hoses for flute and violin, 1979, 8 min., C.F. Peters.

The Busy Bee for flute and violin, 1980, 6 min., ACA.

Angel and Stone for flute and piano, 1981, 16 min., C.F. Peters.

Life Study for soprano, flute (doubling alto flute and piccolo) and harp, 1982, 17 min., ACA.

Killapata/Chaskapata for flute solo and flute choir (solo flute, 2 piccolos, 7 flutes, 2 alto flutes), 1983, 8 min., ACA.

Double Triptych for flute and percussion (one player), 1984, 13 min., C.F. Peters.

original substance/manifests traces I for solo flute, guitar, harp, piano and three percussionists, 1987, 14 min., ACA.

Quodlibetudes for solo flute, 1988, 10 min., M&M.

Aurelian Echoes for flute and alto flute, 1989, 14 min., ACA.

Passages for solo flute, soprano, baritone, orchestra and chorus, 1991, 16 min., ACA.

In Terra Aliena for solo flute, soprano, mezzo-soprano, bass and orchestra, 1995, 15 min., ACA.

Into Light for solo flute, 1997, 6 min., ACA.

To the Spirit Unappeased and Peregrine for flute/piccolo and clarinet/bass clarinet, 1998, 9 min., ACA.

New Millennium Memo I for solo flute, 2000, 7 min., ACA.

70 @ 70 for solo flute, 2004, 8 min., ACA.

Spillville for flute, guitar and viola, 2006, 26 min., ACA.

Gazzedolphylloni for flute and guitar, 2008, 7 min., ACA.

Untitled for two alto flutes, 2009, 5 min., ACA.

Perhaps Gilead for flute (doubling alto flute and piccolo), guitar and string quartet, 2010, 33 min., ACA.

December for solo alto flute, 2011, 8 min., ACA.

Her Ladyship Betty Mather's Book of Favorite Tunes and Ayres for two flutes, 2012, 6 min., ACA.

Big Bang for flute choir (multiples of 12: 12 or 24 or 36 flutes), 2012, 10 min., ACA.